Alex Figliolia Jr. is a businessman in the New York area. While he has devoted most of his working life to the plumbing industry, he has also translated his passion for motorcycles into a job as a motorcycle shop manager. On his website, he introduces four of his passions in life: the plumbing business, motorcycles, boating, and philanthropy toward veterans.

As a plumbing contractor in New York for many years, nyc sewer knows the business in and out. Based on his years of experience with the job and the people involved, he offers advice to other contractors and business owners on his blog and his personal website. He advises entrepreneurs on establishing and protecting their reputation online by Googling their business name regularly and responding to reviews. He says that the best response to a negative review is honesty about the situation, and he notes that responding to reviews can really increase a company’s reputation in the eyes of potential clients. He also advises businesses to protect their company’s name and identity by removing it from products (like a vehicle or piece of equipment) before selling it. He also publishes articles about plumbing, such as tips for home plumbing repairs and for saving water and energy.

As a motorcycle enthusiast, Alex Figliolia Jr writes about the history of motorcycles, from their invention in Paris in the 1860s to their use in World War I to the modern resurgence of Indian Motorcycles, one of the classic makers. The company was started in the early 20th century and was the largest motorcycle manufacturer in the world at that time. The company went out of business in 1953, but Polaris bought Indian Motorcycles in 2011 and is continuing to manufacture the company’s classic designs. As a fan of Indian motorcycles, Mr. Figliolia enjoys sharing his passion with the mechanics and motorcycle owners at Gotham Motorcycles, which specializes in Indian, Slingshot, and Victory bikes.

When he’s not busy working, Alex Figliolia loves boating. He finds nothing more relaxing than being out on the water, cruising down New York’s waterways, or fishing on the open sea. Being on a boat gives him time to reflect, and it also provides quality time for his family. He enjoys all types of boats, from kayaks to motorboats, sailboats and yachts. If you don’t have a boat of your own, he recommends hiring one from one of the many companies in the New York harbor.

Besides business and pleasure, Mr. Figliolia devotes himself to philanthropy, and the cause that is closest to his heart is wounded veterans. He feels a strong sense of gratitude for the veterans who have fought for his freedom, and he has observed that these men and women often have a difficult time transitioning to civilian life, especially when they have suffered physical or emotional trauma. On Veteran’s Day in 2015, he challenged 1000 people to donate $20 to the Wounded Warriors Project, committing to matching their donations up to $20,000. The project raised nearly $30,000 in one month.